One-Time Gift

Use the link below to give if you are not a member. You will be able to select what your gift is for, such as a mission trip or special fundraiser.

One-Time Gift

Member Giving

Give online! Church Center is our brand new way to give via credit card, debit card or electronic check (ACH transfer). Recurring gifts can be set up to withdraw automatically. Give to mission trips, special fundraisers, etc. Also, you can view your giving history!

Access Church Center

We are retiring inFellowship, our former online giving platform. Please cancel all automatic giving through inFellowship and setup new recurring giving through Church Center.

Access inFellowship

Donate Stock

You may donate stock to Birchman’s account at Hilltop Securities. Contact Laura Romans in the church office for account information.

Note: Birchman’s inFellowship uses your email address on file with the church office. If you are unable to create an account, please contact Karen Miller in the church office to have your information updated.

For assistance with giving, or to request a transaction reversal please contact the comptroller’s office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I see my giving history in inFellowship?
All of your 2015-presnt giving history is now offered through inFellowship. If you set up a log-in and still don’t see it, the most common reason is you set up your inFellowship login with an email address that is different than the email address Birchman has on record. Contact the Birchman offices to fix this issue.

Q: Why can’t I see the birchman directory in inFellowship?
The Birchman directory is now offered in the Birchman App for all mobile devices. Search for ‘Birchman’ in your device’s app store.

Q: Can I give or tithe through inFellowship?
YES! You can securely tithe, view your giving history and even sign-up for some events at inFellowship.

Q: Is it easy to sign-up for inFellowship?
YES! All you need is your email address. Key Hit: If you use the email address Birchman has on record, it will access your person info, like giving history. You can call us to confirm. You do not need to be a Birchman member to create an inFellowship account.

Q: Is there a phone app for giving?
Yes! After you set up your inFellowship login, you can access your account through or through the Birchman App! Search for ‘Birchman’ in your device’s app store.