Bold Course: Discipleship

Bold Course: Birchman’s Church-wide Discipleship Plan

We all felt the frustration and disappointment of another year passed and deep down feeling as if we are missing something. We feel like we are back where we started, or just not growing at the pace that we wish we were and feel like we are just floating along.

We at Birchman Baptist Church refuse to float while the spiritual forces of this world desire to rob you and your family of everything precious and pure. We are striving in an intentional way for you and your family to be everything that God wants you to be!

Bold Course is designed so that it points you like a compass directly to reading the Word of God and to meditation upon it which will fuel intimate, powerful and life changing prayer. This is what we want for all us at Birchman. Imagine our entire church family reading the word, meditating upon it, praying for each other and interceding for the lost around the world together, in a unified effort, every single day!

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