One Heart Brunch: “A Memorable Morning”

The warm noise of chattering voices grew with each step I climbed. The smell of Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Pie coffee greeted me at the top of the staircase. Women of all ages were mingling as I entered the Ricker Conference Center. The rustic décor, low lighting, and accessible coffee bar made the room feel cozy. From the moment I arrived at the Blessings of the Heart Ladies Brunch, I knew I was starting my day right!

With light hearts after a lively game of fall-themed Would You Rather, everyone settled at their tables. The praise team led us into a time of worship. My heart was centered as I sang about the death, resurrection, and return of my Lord Jesus.

Monica Patrick was introduced as our speaker. Her laughter bounced around the room as we were dismissed to get our food. Brenda Leonhart always plans a great menu. Her quiche, scones, fruit, and bacon baked in brown sugar didn’t disappoint.

Returning to my table with food in hand, I heard women sharing prayer request updates. I saw others showing care and concern for those struggling. A young baby was passed around the room so her mother could perform basic human functions, like eating. I was struck once again by the community that exists at Birchman!

Monica spoke about Christ, our Living Hope, especially in difficult circumstances and in seasons of waiting. Monica’s testimony of waiting for a husband and family, and then battling cancer, was challenging yet encouraging. She prompted us to talk with the ladies at our tables, share how we’re waiting on the Lord, and pray for each other specifically.

The room filled with voices as hearts opened and prayers were lifted up all over! It should come as no surprise that with 60 women in the room, a few tears were shed. It was a special moment shared within the body of Christ at Birchman.

Thank you for a memorable morning, One Heart!

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