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11th Annual Sportsman’s Banquet: A Success!

For the past 11 years, the Men of Birchman (MOB) Sportsman’s Banquet has served to launch the MOB into a new year of ministering to Birchman’s men and boys. This outreach event provides an opportunity for men to come together in one place, sharing a common love of the outdoors with fellowship, food, fun, and chance to win great prizes. At the banquet each year, we hear a challenging and encouraging speaker address biblical manhood in its various roles and responsibilities, while providing the opportunity for those that don’t know Christ as their Redeemer to hear the gospel and be brought to the point of making a decision.

There were a lot of new fellas that attended the banquet this year, including a number of our youth ages 16 and under. Their energy and enthusiasm enriched the fellowship and provided a format to strengthen, renew, restore, rebuild, and develop relationships as dads, sons, grandsons, brothers, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Our speaker, Steve Chapman of Steve and Annie Chapman, has been called, “God’s ambassador to the family.” Steve is an avid outdoorsman, hunter (bow and rifle), fly fisherman, author, song writer, singer, and musician. More importantly, Steve is a strong Christian, husband of over 40 year, and a loving dad and grandad. His presentation through music, song, and well-crafted audio/visual themes of fathers and sons, resonated to the minds and hearts of our men and boys, challenging us to develop and maintain our family relationships.

Our faithful sponsors came through again this year with a larger array of door-prizes for both youth and adults. It has been special that our men, for the cost of just their meal, can walk away with prizes valued at hundreds of dollars.

Many have affirmed how good the banquet was, that the speaker was one of the best we have had, how they were looking forward to next year, and that they want to bring more friends. One comment that seemed to sum up all of our prayers and efforts was, “it is probably the single most effective outreach event for men and boys in our church.”

No event of this size can be accomplished without the Spirit-motivated, ministry-focused, selfless work of many people. These include our Men of Birchman leadership team, our wonderful administrative assistants, the creative printing and promotion crew, our faithful Building and Grounds team, our great kitchen staff, the outstanding sound and audio folks, our grill master, Mark Grubb, and all who were in attendance. A big THANK-YOU goes to each one for the part you played in the success of the 2016 MOB Sportsman’s Banquet!

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