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Community Outreach at Beautiful Feet

In partnership with a local ministry, Beautiful Feet, students will venture into the Fort Worth community to pray for the homeless, share the Gospel, and hand out food and clothing. This is a great opportunity to serve those less fortunate and share the love of Jesus with them!

Cost: FREE
Register by Mar. 29
Meet at Birchman at 5:45 PM. Eat before you come.

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About Beautiful Feet

In the early 1980’s, a group of students from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary shared coffee, donuts, and the Gospel with some homeless men and women sleeping in the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Among these students were Mike Myers and Johnny Buckner (the founders of Beautiful Feet Ministries). These outdoor services, sometimes consisting of hundreds of homeless, continued until 1985. Soon the homeless were brought to local churches for services. It was quickly realized that the homeless needed a church of their own.

In 1985, a location was found on East Hattie Street that fit this need. The first floor was a soup kitchen operated by Franciscan Monks and a medical office run by Dr. Capper and volunteer nurses.The second floor was mostly abandoned besides the local pigeons who made this habitat home. Mike and the team renovated this facility and in 1986, Beautiful Feet Ministries was officially opened. Work continued and Beautiful Feet purchased and managed the facility.

Realizing discipleship was key to bringing men off the streets, the Sunshine House was opened in 1994. This discipleship program, held in a small home next to the main facility, focused on intense discipleship, accountability, and Bible studies.

In 2002, the dormitory known as the “Boot Camp” was renovated and opened. This enabled up to 75 volunteers to come from hundreds of miles to serve the poor and needy and learn what it means to be a disciple maker of Jesus Christ. In 2005, a dental clinic was opened by Dr. Howorth to provide free tooth extractions to the homeless. In order to put homeless men back to work, Hearts & Hands 4 Him Lawn and Landscaping Service was started in 2014. This program teaches discipline, work ethics, and financial responsibility to men living in the discipleship program.

Currently, Beautiful Feet Ministries yearly serves over 80,000 meals, distributes clothing to over 5,000 people, and provides medical and dental services to over 1,200 patients. Daily Bible studies and worship services are held, along with an inner city youth and children’s ministry that meets twice a week. The Hearts and Hands For Him Lawn and Landscaping discipleship program has recently tripled in size. Beautiful Feet is still growing and volunteers continue to pour into this Texas sized mission hub. God is moving on the streets of Fort Worth!

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