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Birchman’s Discipleship Strategy

Church growth is more than just numbers.

When we hear about growth in the church, we tend to think of the addition of more people.
While that’s certainly a positive use of the word,┬áthe idea of growth in Scripture is seen as an outward growth (through evangelism) and an inward growth (maturity). Here at Birchman, we want to see our children, youth, and adults grow up in maturity in Christ (Eph 4:11-16) and grow out through personal invites and evangelism (Acts 2:47). Here is how Birchman hopes to see this accomplished this year:

Growing Up

Our Kids Ministry (preschool – 6th Grade) utilizes a strategy of Bible study on Sunday mornings, while equipping parents and students with a 6- year strategy centered on core doctrines that they work on at home. The goal is for children to memorize Scripture, understand the meaning of words, and articulate truth through question and answer.

Our Student Ministry (7th – 12th Grade) uses the same strategy but with greater depth. We are asking our youth to not only memorize verses and articulate through questions and answers, but we lead them in learning to defend truth in by the late spring. This will be rigorous but rewarding.

Our Adult Ministry employs the same strategy but with greater focus. Sunday morning Bible studies are designed for teaching and reaching. Our goal is to see lives transformed through our teaching ministry and to see our classes grow and double through our reaching ministry. These are small groups that grow. Challenge Groups are designed for transformation through accountability, training, repentance, and prayer. These are smaller groups that train.

Growing Out

Our Sunday morning classes are the core of our teaching and reaching ministries. Through these classes, we find leaders, build relationships, and allow the lost to hear and see the gospel in a community setting. We want you to be committed to your class and to see it grow. We are asking that every member of Birchman do two things in their classes:

  1. Invest in the individual members of your class. By caring and loving each church member, we demonstrate what the church is.
  2. Meet new people and invite them to your class. By organizing and moving our members to build new relationships with people in our city, we are able to share the gospel with neighbors in a relational context. This demonstrates what the church is to be to the world.


Join us on Sunday night, September 18, for ROOTED: Raising Oaks in a Withering World. This will be a night of equipping parents and adults with specifics on discipleship in the home and church.

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