God at work in Baltimore church plant

Chris Pugh is a church planter from Birchman in Baltimore, MD with the North American Mission Board. Chris, along with wife Katy and their two kids, give the following exciting update on their ministry.

Blessings Birchman family! God has been so faithful during our first few months here in Baltimore. He has opened so many doors for us and connected us to many different areas of our new community. First, He opened a door for me to coach varsity football at a local high school, Loch Raven High. From that, I was able to start a Bible study with players. We have grown to 15 kids a week and eight of those kids have made decisions to follow Christ. In that group, we have five different ethnic groups and many of those students had never heard the Gospel!

We have connected with almost 80 families who are interested in knowing more about our church. We have partnered with the school I coach at and will have our launch team meetings there on the first and third Sundays of every month. Our first meeting will be October 23 and we will discuss two things: The Message of Our Ministry and the Method of Our Ministry. The Message will simply be a Gospel presentation. The invitation will be two-fold. First, people attending who have turned from sin and placed their faith in Christ will be invited to join our launch team. The second invitation will be for those who have never done that. We will give an invitation and then invite the new converts to join our team. The Method will be answering the question of “How are we going to get the Message to the people?”

Once we have established our core group, we will begin casting the vision for our church and doing leadership training and discipleship. In the vision casting, we will explain what our church will look like; we will explain our “church DNA.” Our leadership training will be teaching the standards of leaders and how to lead. The final training will be Seminary 101 where we will begin training on how to study and interpret Scripture, basic Old Testament and New Testament Survey, and why we are Baptist and what the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 is

 Here are some specific ways you can pray for what God is doing here:

  1. Please pray for our first launch team meeting. Pray that God would save the lost there and begin transforming lives. Also pray that the believers we have connected with would see our vision and join our team. We are praying for a launch team of 100 people surrendered to following Christ by next summer.
  2. Please pray for our student ministry. These kids are as raw as they come. It’s both a blessing and challenge. We have kids in our study who had never been exposed to Christianity before this study. They are learning everything for the first time and ask such genuine questions. There are also some kids who distract and divide. Please pray against distraction and division in our study and for them to hear the Truth each week clearly. I also give most of them rides to and from the McDonald’s where we meet. Our minivan has been very useful in this but we are outgrowing the minivan and can’t always fit all the kids who need rides in it.
  3. I desire to have other staff members going into our launch. I’d love to have a worship pastor, student pastor, and children’s pastor for launch. Please pray that God would either send or raise up these that we need to help shepherd our flock and equip the saints.

Thank you for your prayers and support and we look forward to being home for Thanksgiving!

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